Cleaning the basement is something that most homeowners are not fond of doing. this is very resonating as we all know that the basement is the least favorite place that we want to go to. However, it is the most cluttered place that you can find in a house, thus basement cleaning is one of the most important things you need to do regularly, and by regular, we mean deep cleaning it at least twice a month. of course, if you want to ask for professional help, Arlington White Glove cleaners are always there to lend you a hand. They have the most excellent service in town.   


  1. Identify what kind of space you want your basement to become – basements, contrary to what you think, can function in a different way. it can serve as your gym room, a family space, Mediaroom, kids’ playroom, or storage for a collection. when you have a clear vision of what you want it to become, you will easily get rid of the things that are not supposed to be there. with this, cleaning becomes easier and more efficient.   
  2. Remove all the unnecessary things from the basement – to simply put, declutter. Get rid of the things that you do not want or move them to somewhere else. Firstly, you need to remove everything to identify the important things from the unimportant ones. Secondly, make sure that you disposed of the materials that you do not need properly. Proper disposal of equipment is very necessary to avoid hazardous materials from causing accidents.   
  3. Clean every space and every corner – when you are now finished decluttering, now is the time to clean the space. Ensure that you remove all the dust and the cobwebs, not just the equipment or the materials from the basement. We also recommend that you clean the walls by washing them off. in this way, you are guaranteed a very clean surface. When you are cleaning or dusting, start from the very top of the basement and down to the floor So you will never repetitively clean any surfaces. Cleaning from top to the bottom is a very efficient way to clean a space. We also recommend that you vacuum the whole area to ensure that no dust is left on the ground or on the surface. if your basement is carpeted, make sure you also clean and wash the carpet. Basements need deep cleaning once in a while.   
  4. Start organizing the items – when the ceiling, surface, and ground are clean, now is the time to organize the materials in your basement. Sort the materials into categories for a more efficient organization. and again, vision what you want your basement to become.   D
  5. Decorate your basement – cleaning and organizing are insufficient. when you want a full transformation, decorating the whole space should not be an option. This may entail that you put some of your favorite items like decorations on the wall or your favorite paintings on the shelves. this may also mean that you put some wallpapers and good lighting in your basement. Decorating does not need to be fancy; you just need to be creative.